ALSO Collective


Mason Studio has been fortunate to meet many organizations that share similar values, principles and approaches. These relationships have been invaluable to the Studio’s continual growth, learning and development. A particularly significantly bond was formed with Antonio Lennert and Symon Oliver after being captivated by the pair’s natural catalytic ability.  Together, they lead the Toronto-based design practice ALSO Collective, a multi-disciplinary communication studio exploring traditional design approaches and topics through design research and experimentation.

A union was since formed with the Collective to develop self-driven exploration projects including a site-specific installation for Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel and a series of discussion panels aimed to engage the general public with critical design discourse. Hundreds of participants attended the discussions.

In part recent discussions, Antonio and Symon tell Mason Studio, “We had said before that Toronto is a blank slate, and now is a good time to test out new models of a creative community. Let’s establish connections between the various professions that intersect with design. Let’s strengthen the ties between academia, art, design, and community initiatives. And let’s support each other to build a solid community. We are the future of Canadian design, and it is up to us to shape it collectively.”

Thank you to Antonio Lennert and Symon Oliver for their continued contributions to Mason Studio. They are invaluable and instrumental part of the community.  To learn more about ALSO Collective, visit their website at or email at

+1 (416) 761-9736