Cultural Hub

Optimism in Action

Being part of a community is an essential human need. Mason Studio's Cultural Hub is a physical and conceptual space born from an intuitive need to experiment, push the boundaries of our ideas, and provide anyone with a place of belonging.

Not only a place for our design experimentation, the community-focused hub includes a public gallery, exhibition space, a community library, a home for non-profit organizations and a learning space for educational institutions.

Engagement with industry and community members whose visions align can be a powerful instrument for achieving shared goals and creating an exponential force for actions that challenge existing systems by exploring unrelated yet interconnected themes, subjects and people.

The Gallery at Mason Studio

Housed within the Cultural Hub, The Gallery is a platform for artists, designers, and makers by providing space and opportunities for emerging talent and established professionals. Individuals from equity-deserving communities are prioritized in the Gallery to ensure diverse ideas and experiences are expressed through exhibitions, talks, events and programming.

Everyone is welcome to the Gallery to experience how culture, business and creativity can come together to make better.

Some of our gallery partnerships include: DesignTO Youth, VIBE Arts, X in Residence and Cooper Cole.

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