IIDEX Panel Discussion


During Toronto’s industry trade show IIDEX 2014, Mason Studio partner, Stanley Sun, was a panelist for the discussion revolving around research on the millennial generation in relation to home and work environments. There is controversy behind the accuracy and validity of some published articles so the panel was formed to counter and support the research to determine where further investigation is required for suitable application.

Joined by a panel consisting of Annie Bergeron (Design Director, Gensler), Kevin Rauch (Co-founder, hitplay) and moderator Zahra Ebrahim (Principal, archiTEXT), the key questions were:

How are Millennials and their relationship with their technology influencing the built environment today and into the future?  

What do organizations interested in attracting and retaining millennials - as employees or tenants - need to know about the behaviours, preferences, and expectations of this rising virtual generation, especially as it pertains to the architecture and interior design of the physical spaces in which they work and live?

Photograph: Yianni Tong.

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