Omar Gandhi Electric Brick Light Launch

Bringing extraordinary people together to form connections and spark new ideas is the core of our Cultural Hub.

On March 7, we hosted the celebration of a collaboration between Omar Gandhi Architects, Aaline Lighting and Acoustics, Filo Timo and Donohoe Living Landscapes, who launched a new lighting product line at Mason Studio’s Gallery.

Magic happens when we collaborate with fellow designers that embody our shared values - our space is flexible for hosting an array of programs.

From product launch to party, the Cultural Hub is a space where we can support collaborator's vision and needs - ensuring the build up is effortless - brick by brick.

We're always open to new opportunities to collaborate and share a space for big ideas. Opening our doors to their teams, industry members and friends provided a sense of place where projects and people shine.

See a recap of the event here.

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