Alobar Downtown featured in The Spaces

"Mason Studio puts a fresh spin on the classic bistro."⁠

UK-based interior design magazine, The Spaces, recently featured our design of Alobar Downtown. Highlighting the colour selection, furnishing and intentional elements across all programming areas, the piece takes a look at the central themes that make this dining destination unique. ⁠Read the feature here.

Toronto’s Alobar Downtown defines world class in its food, hospitality, and environment. A staple dining locale within the Alo Food Group brand, and its Michelin Star-rated sibling restaurant, Alobar balances an upscale experience with a laid-back spirit, comfortable structure and tactile details. For the fashion-forward, business savvy individual with good taste and broad knowledge of cuisine and libations.

Mason Studio recognized integral design elements aligned with the Alobar identity, and sought to shape this to its new form. Intentional lighting, to contrasting marble with natural wood, curvature and smooth surfaces make the signature dining experience while highlighting function for both staff and guests.

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