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Closing Date:
November 01, 2019

Our Team Vision:
We seek team members who see the profession of interior design as a means to something larger. For us, design is a tool to contribute to an enriched life for others and ourselves. It is the people and communities we can positively impact through design that drives our team towards excellence.

We value your life experiences, your personal passions, and your desire for learning and growth. If you are excited to bring your personal and professional experience to the team and contribute your perspective, we want you to join us.

Intermediate and Senior Designer
Roles and Responsibilities:

There are many roles and responsibilities in your position which will be clearly defined, but we want to keep it simple for now. If your experience aligns to our requirements below, you may be a great fit with our team.

You are first and foremost a mighty leader. You understand that good designs come from advanced leadership and communication skills. You can develop a strong vision, but also rally the entire team to believe in this vision – internally and externally.

Key Responsibilities: You are responsible for making a project successful by bridging design and business. You interpret and disseminate ideas and information from everyone involved, internally and externally, and you can create a project foundation that stands strong through every phase, thick and thin.

Key Qualification: You have mentored, fostered and motivated others through all stages of an Interior Design project, from an RFP response to a post-occupancy evaluation for many projects, at all project scales.

Key Technical Tools: You review and describe ideas effortlessly through AutoCAD and various 3D modeling programs, and your hand sketching skills are superb.

Key Leadership Skills: You have inspired others to work hard towards a common goal. You encourage others to let their strengths shine. You see the weaknesses in yourself as a chance to be a mentee, and weakness in others as an opportunity to mentor.

Your Next Steps:
We want to hear from you, if even to say hi or to ask us questions about this position. If you want to apply, send your résumé and a few projects that you are the most excited to share to

In your message, please tell us what you love to do outside of work. We want to hear all about that too.