PROpel Challenge


On June 5th 2016, Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) invited Mason Studio Partners, Stanley Sun and Ashley Rumsey to Ottawa, Ontario to be Keynote speakers at PROpel; an annual interactive program and conference for emerging interior design professionals.

As a summation of their talk, the following challenge was proposed to the delegates.

Determine the driving factors for you to exist in a state of self-perpetuation. Find your source inspiration. Learn everything there is to know about the topic to learn how it drives you. Analyze the impact by searching beyond the surface and find the root of the message and meaning.

Write your own brief to respond to this challenge.
It can be anything! (i.e. object/event/installation/space/website/music /play/recipe etc.)

Consider the topics discussed in Mason Studio’s keynote address:

  • Adapting a current model
  • Creating the greatest benefit
  • Liberation from creativity
  • Look outwork, focus internally
  • Define the individual

Create a proposal for Mason Studio’s review
Submit to:
Date: August 31, 2016

Mason Studio will select a brief that most clearly understands the root source of inspiration and responds to it with the greatest impact.

They will support the selected brief in the manner that is defined by the applicant within the brief.
(i.e. as a sounding board, as financial backers, as cheerleaders, your marketing team etc.)

Thank you for your submissions.

+1 (416) 761-9736